State of contracting process within the 1st Call for Proposals and the Large Scale Projects Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013

  1. Lagoons as crossroads for tourism and interactions of peoples of South-East Baltic: from the history to present --CROSSROADS 2.0
  2. Close stranger: promoting mutual understanding between population of Gdansk, Kaliningrad and Klaipeda through facilitation of exchange in the field of contemporary arts and culture
  3. Tourism Information Network (TourInfoNet)
  4. Imrovement of the attractiveness of north-eastern Poland and Kaliningrad Region by developing and promoting shared tourist trails
  5. Cross-Border Cooperation in school TV's organization in Baltic region
  6. Creating the system of health saving support in schoolchildren in the Kaliningrad region and Klaipeda district
  7. Support and development of rural entrepreneurship: from local experience to cross-border cooperation "
  8. Promotion of international social relations in the Silale-Mamonovo municipalities through sport
  9. Warmia and Mazury - Kaliningrad Oblast. Working accross borders
  10. Development of modern ambulance station based on the reconstruction of infructructure, increase of medical assistance and experience in cross-border cooperation region
  11. High Quality Surgery over Borders
  12. Programme for the prevention of postural disorders and scoliosis in children from small towns and rural areas
  13. Infrastructure Development and Cooperation in Health Education
  14. Development of Tourist-Recreational Infrastructure on the basic of Restoration and Preservation of Historical - Cultural Heritage of the Urban Parks
  15. Improvement environmental at the Lithuanian-Russian border
  16. Development of tourism information system and cultural tourism infrastructure in Pagegiai-Sovetsk cross-border region
  17. Baltic Amber Coast. Development of Cross-border Area Through Building up and Modernization of Tourism Infrastructure. Part II
  18. Baltic Amber Coast. Development of cross-border area through building up and modernization of tourism infrastructure
  19. The towns of Kętrzyn and Svetly as Cross-border Physical Culture Centres thanks to the development of the public services connected with the integration of the sensitive Groups with the help of active cross-border cooperation
  20. Energy-efficient resource managment - common models for small towns on the example of Kętrzyn and Svetly
  21. Cross-border Tourism Dimension
  22. Museums over the borders
  23. The improvement of environmental situation of Sesupe river basin by strengthening the fire safety areas
  24. Protected environment - healthy young generation
  25. Good governance and cooperation - response to common challenges in public finance
  26. Citizens with Ecoinitiative
  27. Improving cross-border conections between Poland and Russia through the reconstruction of vivodeship road No.591 the state boundary Barciany-Ketrzyn-Mragowo; the phase I: sufase reinforcement of the DW 591 road section from Kenrzyn to Mragowo
  28. Effective Governance for People
  29. Development of modern emergency medicine units through the infrastructure modernization, extending of decisions support systems amd increasing medical benefits based on the cross-border cooperation
  30. Culture and Arts. Step II - New quality of education (CULART II)
  31. The development of active tourism as a common ground for the Polish -Russian cooperation
  32. Office for promoting entrepreneurship
  33. Multicultural dialog - Multicultural theatres - strengthening social and cultural integration of border areas
  34. The cross border areas and cooperation development supported by the construction of sports infrastructure in Górowo Iławeckie and Bagrationovsk
  35. Partnership for the protection of waters of the cross-border area of Lithuania, Poland and Russia
  36. Improvement of public areas' infrastructure to increase tourism attractiveness in the cross-border region
  37. Improvement of water purity of the Baltic Sea thorough development of water management systems - II stage
  38. Healthy lungs for one and all
  39. Create4Compete - Creativity for boosting Competence and Competitiveness
  40. Common paths - the development of tourism attractiveness in Malbork and Svetly
  41. Sport education on cross-border territory – preparation and building of sports stadiums in Ketrzyn Community and Ozyorsk
  42. Close neighbours in 21st centaury - new communication and perception
  43. Opportunities and Benefits of Joint Use of the Vistula Lagoon
  44. Development of Co-operation in Order to improve Health Safety of the Population of the Russian – Lithuanian –Polish Borderland
  45. Active young people alive monuments
  46. Health is the most important - health prophylactic of inhabitants in Ozyorsk and Kętrzyn Community
  47. Construction of Sport-Recreational Complex in Special School-Educational Center in Wegorzewo
  48. Borderland Atlantis - transborder cultural trail
  49. Cooperation in Building Up a Library for Family
  50. Improvement of accessibility of the state border between the Republic of Lithuania and the Russian Federation by increasing throughput capacity of border control points (BCP) Panemune and Kybartai
  51. Baltic Touristic Games – know – how for development of tourism potential of Baltic Region
  52. Creation of Tourist Route from the Tilsit Peace Treaty of 1807 to Taurogen Convention of 1812"
  53. Joint actions for solving of joint youth problems
  54. Construction of waste water collection and treatment infrastructure in Neman (Russia) and Skirsnemunė and Raudonė (Lithuania)
  55. Reconstruction of the section of the motor road "Kaliningrad – Mamonovo II – state border of the Poland Republic"
  56. Construction of Panemune and Sovetsk by-pass with a bridge over Neman River
  57. Reconstruction of the national road no. 65 within Gołdap – Kowale Oleckie section
  58. Building of sewerage and waste water treatment plants and construction of water supply networks in the border area between Kaliningrad region and Lithuania
  59. Integrated implementation and enlargement of waste water treatment facilities for the reduction pollution of the Baltic Sea "IntegroProBalt"
  60. Protection of the Baltic coastal water – NEFA BALT II

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